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Pepper & Soul#2

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Thanks to a comment from CB in the last post and two more hours I finally succeed in implementing the Grooveshark widget on WordPress. I still don’t know how to get text next to it and it seems not very functional. After a song, it stops and if you’re double-clicking on the others songs nothing happens…It’s still better than nothing.

Hope you’ll enjoy the selection. For « You taught me how to speak in love » from Marlena Shaw, don’t be surprised by the album’s name. It’s the real one. In 1974, she was not yet famous, that’s why she called her album: « Who is this bitch, anyway? ».

If anyone is interested by the code, here’s mine:

gigya src= »http://listen.grooveshark.com/widget.swf » type= « application/x-shockwave-flash » width= « 250 » height= « 343 » flashvars= « cowbell.grooveshark.com&widgetID=XXX…0 » allowScriptAccess= « always » wmode= « window »

Just replace the line « cowbell.grooveshark.com&widgetID=XXX… » by the one corresponding to your GS widget. You’ll find it in the html code given in step 3 of your widget creation. Be sure to open the code and close it by putting [ and ]. I also had to insert manually all the « to make it work . If you have any questions or corrections to make, feel free to comment this post.


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